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The Friends on YouTube

The charity has a collection of videos on YouTube uploaded from members' trips to the Gambia. Some of these videos can be seen from links within the main pages of this web site but others are only available on YouTube. To view these videos please visit Friends of GOVI on YouTube and remember to add ratings and comments to any videos you enjoy.

There are also playlists of videos collected from other users of YouTube which give an overview of life in the Gambia as well as its geography, culture and heritage.

Why not start with:

A Tourist's Video Introduction to the Gambia

Two short videos (each about 4 minutes) by the Travel Channel

or enjoy the children singing their school song filmed in December 2006 during the trip from the UK to deliver the two minibuses by clicking the following video:

©2006 Ray Wright. Used with permission.

If you would like to suggest other videos that could be added please use the contact page to contact Carol Haynes.